Hanging and Caring for Your Window

Hanging your Window

There are two possible placements for your hooks and eyes.

  1.  You can place the eye in the back for hanging on a wall or other flat surface.  If you are placing the eye, it is a good idea to drill a hole before you place the eye.  The window frames are old and this keeps them from cracking unnecessarily.  When you have the eyes in place, you can either measure or be lazy like me and rub the window against the wall to make a mark with the eyes.  In any event, if you hang your window on a wall, you will want a light surface behind it – either a light wall or you can put a piece of paper behind the window.  If you know you are going to hang it on a wall and never put it in a window or a place where light will shine through, you can bring it to me and I can spray paint the back a opaque white.  Also, it is a pretty good idea to put anchors in if you are going to hang your window in dry wall.
  2. For maximum effect, hang your window in a spot where the light will shine through it.  You will get the stained glass effect this way.  For this, usually you want to place the eyes on the top of the window frame, and then place your hooks above to hang the eyes from the hooks above.


If you are in Seattle and you don’t own the appropriate tools, or are not very handy with them, I am happy to have you bring the window over and I can do the placing of the eyes for you. Just contact me.  We can arrange it.


Care of your Window

Pretty easy.  Take them in during the rainiest wettest months because if you don’t, the frames will rot.  Other than that, not much.