About UpCycled Windows

So I make these windows, and I just can’t seem to stop.  It’s some sort of crazy obsession at the moment.  Each window is unique because I make them with windows that I get from salvage yards, from behind your house, from who-knows-where.  Therefore no two are alike, unless of course I find a matching pair.

Upon procuring the window, I get to work using a top secret process taught to me by garden gnomes.  It consists of various types of paints and inks, meticulously or completely randomly applied based on the mood of the moment. It is ever evolving.  Who knows what will happen next?

I work by commission, inspiration, desperation.  I work late at night after the kid is in bed.  Some of the windows you see on the site are available.  Many are happily re-homed.  Ask me if you see one that interests you. Tell me your dreams and I will try to put them on glass, especially if your dreams are about birds or sea creatures.   What is your window?  The garden gnomes and I will make it happen.  We are crafty that way.